mardi 24 septembre 2013

RESEARCH Open Access Consuming sex: the association between modern goods, lifestyles and sexual behaviour among youth in Madagasca // Kirsten Stoebenau , Rama C Nair , Valérie Rambeloson , Paul Ghislain Rakotoarison , Violette Razafintsalama and Ronald Labonté

While we found indication of an association between sexual behaviour and interest in modern
goods, or modern lifestyles, such processes did not single-handedly explain risky sexual behaviour among youth;
these behaviours were also shaped by culture and conditions of economic uncertainty. These determinants must all
be accounted for when developing interventions to reduce risky transactional sex and vulnerability to HIV.
Transactional sex, Sexual behaviour, Madagascar, Modernity, HIV vulnerability, HIV risk, Globalization

Valérie Rambeloson

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