jeudi 12 mai 2011

Renewing Ranobe for Tomorrow: An Integrated Approach to Sustainable Development in Madagascar -Lau, Olivia
-Mots clés: Madagascar , Ranobe ,sustainable development
Issue Date: Apr-2011
Résumé: The Spiny Forest in southwest Madagascar is home to a 90% endemic array of species and the village of Ranobe. Climate change and deforestation through charcoal production, agricultural use, and development, have degraded 43% of land cover in the last decade. This project collaborated with Ho Avy, a local nonprofit, to design a sustainable development plan for the community. The plan is based on five key perspectives: 1) land use/land cover change management, 2) energy potential, 3) water and health, 4) food security, and 5) economic growth. The plan recommends increased education, shifting incentives, and investment in renewable technologies to be implemented in Ranobe to improve the health of the region’s population and unique environment.

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